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3 Essential Training Commands for Dogs
There are many people in the world who are petrified of dogs. Even thoughdogs can be extremely friendly and adorable ... ...

3 Essential Training Commands for Dogs

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Posted on: 06/29/18

There are many people in the world who are petrified of dogs. Even though dogs can be extremely friendly and adorable creatures with their furry tail and amicable energy, some dogs can go rogue and become a hazard to humans and other dogs. This is why it is essential to train your dog to help them learn the basic discipline and etiquette so that it does not become a danger to itself and others.

While many online journals will have you believe that you can train your dogs in just seven days, it is simply not possible. Training a dog efficiently can take up to even four to five months depending on your dog’s temperament.

It is always advisable to not be too harsh on your dog if he fails to learn the commands at first. Like all humans, dogs too are bound to make a few mistakes at first. The key is to be patient with them and let them know you trust and love them.

Here are few essential commands that you must teach your dogs:

Toilet Training

This goes without saying that if you are looking forward to keeping your dog in an apartment; you need to make sure that your dog knows where to relieve himself. However, this will not happen in a day. You cannot expect your dog to miraculously learn how to flush the toilet and stun the whole house. That only happens in the movies. Toilet training requires time and patience. In the first few weeks, your dog might have a few accidents as well. You can take the help of pee pads to make your dogs understand where they should pee in the house and then gradually lead them outside.


This is a very nifty trick where your dog sits on your command. Refrain from repeating the words too many times or your dog might get conditioned to the repetition instead of the word itself, where the dog would only sit after you repeat it four times. Dogs are extremely smart creatures but for them to learn tricks, you need to train them efficiently. This is also helpful to keep your dog from getting overly enthusiastic with people who are afraid of them.


This is a command that not only teaches the dogs to go and fetch something which shows discipline and training but is also a good tool to exercise your dog. Dogs too can succumb to joint pain and arthritis. So, making him exercise through a game which he enjoys is a good trick to keep your dog healthy and well-behaved.

Like small children, dogs too need discipline and training that can help them become good companions with an even temperament and on overall, friendly energetic fluff balls.

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