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US Tourist Visa from India - CICS
All Indians who want to visit the USA need a tourist visa, also called a non-immigrant visa. People who want ... ...

US Tourist Visa from India - CICS

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Posted on: 07/27/23

All Indians who want to visit the USA need a tourist visa, also called a non-immigrant visa. People who want to visit the US for leisure, medical care, to see friends or family, or to go to social events or shows can get a B2 category tourist visa.

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How Long Does It Take in India to Obtain a US Visa from Delhi?

Unless your application needs more administrative review, you will find out right after your interview whether you got your US visa. If you need a second management check, you must wait a few more days for a ruling.

Even if your US visa is accepted, you will not get it for another three or four days.

Where Can I Obtain a US Visa in India?

When you schedule your US visa appointments, you must specify where you would like to pick up your passport with the US visa affixed; this is where you must go to retrieve your passport. You may also elect to receive the documents by mail.

When applying for a US visa in India, is travel insurance required?

No, getting travel insurance is not necessary for getting a US visa. But because healthcare costs in the US are so high, getting a US visa travel health insurance from India is highly suggested, even though it is unnecessary.

Can an Indian tourist visa be extended?

Most of the time, Indian residents can get a vacation visa to the US for a stay of 1 to 6 months. But if you want to stay in the US longer than your visa allows, you can ask for a visa extension. You must ask for an extension for at least 45 days before your visa runs out.

You must satisfy the eligibility requirements and submit the required documentation to request an extension. These documents include Form I-539, Form I-94, and your legitimate passport.

If Your US Visa Is Rejected, Can You Still Apply?

It is recommended that you wait before submitting a new visa application to the US, US Tourist Visa from India, even though you may apply for a new US visa by beginning the process of applying for a visa all over again.

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