index.php?p=huagongkeji index.php?p=huagongkeji About the requirements on spreading machine spreading spreading fields When we signed a contract before delivery, Our sales desk will once again confirm the customer site conditions and personnel readiness with customers, some customers can not understand our strict ... index.php?p=huagongkeji&mod=blog_posts&id=1735 index.php?p=huagongkeji&mod=blog_posts&id=1735 FIPFG sealing on surface electrostatic spray products Electrostatic spray is to use solid powder solvent instead of the liquid form, the high voltage makes powder coating negatively charged, With the help of electrostatic attraction, it is adsorbed ... index.php?p=huagongkeji&mod=blog_posts&id=189 index.php?p=huagongkeji&mod=blog_posts&id=189