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Tips to give a perfect look to your toupee for men
Wearinga toupee for men needs you to takecare of several factors. The menshairpieces would look good only if it aligns ... ...

Tips to give a perfect look to your toupee for men

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Posted on: 12/19/20

Wearing a toupee for men needs you to take care of several factors. The mens hairpieces would look good only if it aligns with your face cut. In this blog wear re going to discuss the right type of toupee for men for people with different face cuts. By following this guide you would be able to choose the toupee for men that are perfectly suitable for your face cut.


Diamond-Shaped Face


The people having a diamond-shaped face have a narrower forehead, high and broad cheekbones. Along with a pointed, narrow chin. So the people with diamond-shaped faces have the advantage of selecting almost any type that they wish to wear due to the versatility of their faces. Many diamonds faced people prefer to buy volumes mens hairpieces to appropriately compliment their facial shape while enhancing its natural beauty. It also gives a wider look to their narrow foreheads. Generally, you may like to go for bobs, or should length hairstyles. Alternatively, you may also like to go for the hairstyles that can be tucked behind your ears.




People with heart-shaped face have an arrow chi but a wider forehead and they need to disguise the extra additional of their forehead. For that, it would be best to go for the mens hairpieces that have bangs or fringes or the hairstyles that have additional volume near the lower jaw. Such hairstyles establish a balanced visual proportion between your chin and the forehead. You may also go for longer, multi-layered hairstyles making sure that there are additional layers towards the lower jaw.




Oval shaped face is undoubtedly the most suitable face that looks naturally perfect for just any type of toupee for men. So people with this oval-shaped face have the complete freedom to choose just any type they wish to wear including shot, long, curly straight, wavy, bob cut, shoulder-length, etc. People with the oval-shaped face would also have additional possibilities to experiment with their piece without losing their natural appeal.


Many people treat mens hairpieces like any other accessory. They throw them on the table or just stuff it into a drawer. It thus exposes your pieces to various factors like smells, particles, humidity, etc. All these factors can negatively impact their look, appeal, and strength. The ideal solution is to buy a stand or a toupee for men mannequin and hang your toupee for men there when not in use. Also, choose a cool and dry place for storing your toupee for men.


Round brushes aren’t suitable companion for your mens hairpieces. so avoid using them for styling or arrangement. Rather rely on a wide-tooth comb for styling purposes. You may also like to buy a few of them so that you can take one inside your bag to quickly touch up on the go. Alternatively, you may also use the loop comb for the purpose. Another thing to keep in mind is to be cautious while brushing your toupee for men. Make sure that you use the brush gently and never use the ones with the sharp tips.

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