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All You Need to Know Before Starting with Dominoes
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Interesting Facts About the Wonderful Game of Dominoes

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Posted on: 12/22/22
Did you know a famous pizza chain got its name and logo from a game called Dominoes? Dominoes is an interesting game that has small tiles with small lines and several dots. The tiles have a distinct number of dots, and you can sometimes spot them on both sides.

Double six dominoes is an interesting game with a lot of interesting facts. In this article, you can explore some of the interesting facts about this game starting from the place it was invented to how it has transformed through the years. Are you ready to feed your brain with some interesting facts and findings about the brilliant game Dominoes? Keep reading to explore more.

Where were Dominoes invented?

Dominoes were invented in China, and it takes you back to the 12th century. It is an age-old game that is still popular and enjoyable in many ways. The professionals have found writings about the game of dominoes that dates to the 12th century. In the Yuan dynasty, it was called ‘Pupai’.

Where did it get its name “Dominoes”?

Although it is a popular Chinese game, it is recognized worldwide by the name of Dominoes. The name Dominoes was given to it in Europe. It is believed the modern version of this century-old game began in the early 18th century in Europe. The mystery of getting famous overseas at that time is yet to be discovered.

Is there any difference between the modern and traditional outlooks of the game?

Dominoes can be visually imagined with monochromatic black and white bricks. But modern Dominoes are quite different. The game is a little different in the material and make. The Dominoes game rules are different as they can be played in different traditional and modern ways. Nowadays, you can find different variations in the game. Thus, anyone can play the game online or at a professional level.

What all got inspired by the game Dominoes around us?

The famous phrase, “the Domino effect” is inspired by the game Dominoes. The Domino effect is explained by tapping on one tile which leads to the toppling of all the tiles in the line. It also inspired the Domino Day exhibition of domino structures in the Netherlands.

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