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How to Use AT Commands To Control Bluetooth Modules Over The Air With Feasyblue APP

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Posted on: 11/18/20

Since we can’t carry computers/laptops all over the place all the time, sometimes we might want to know how to use AT Commands with Smart Phones. Today Feasycom will get you out of the mist.

First of all, we need to download an APP called Feasyblue. (We could get this App from both Appstore or Google Play)

Second, we could go through the following steps to get works done:

a) Connect the module with feasyblue.

b) Send ‘$OpenFscAtEngine$’ to the module, then you will get ‘$OK,Opened$‘. It means that you’ve got access to the developer mode.

c) Send any AT commands, and after typing the AT command, turn the HEX mode on, adding ‘0D 0A’ to the end of the string.(See the reference photos below)

d) Turn the HEX mode off, and then send out the command.

e) And now the AT command will work the same as using PC serial tool.

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