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3 Top E-commerce Platforms - Boosting Online Business in 2018
The e-commerce trend rocked the business scenario decades ago and is still going strong. There are millions of sellers who ... ...

3 Top E-commerce Platforms - Boosting Online Business in 2018

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Posted on: 07/12/18

The e-commerce trend rocked the business scenario decades ago and is still going strong. There are millions of sellers who have already adopted it as a part of their setup and millions more are planning to do it as soon as possible. Here, sellers need to know all about the e-commerce platforms as there are many of them, each offering a range of features. Let us check the top e-commerce platforms that are making it big in 2018:

1) Shopify: 

      Shopify, the all-in-one solution recommended for small business enterprises. It enables the creation of an e-store, management of products, and handling of payments with a single service. You can take Shopify Development Services to make your work easier.


1.      Shopify brings a website builder, plugins, hosting, inventory options, and marketing tools in a single platform.

2.    It offers multiples free themes as well as custom-built premium themes which enable customization according to the business needs.

3.  Fast and solid implicit security are some different geniuses that you can benefit by putting resources into Shopify improvement.

4.      It is the simplest e-commerce platform that can be used by those lacking technical expertise.


1.      The basic plan begins from $29 a month reaching up to $299 a month for the advanced plan, making it an expensive option as compared to the other open-source platforms.

2.      The payment gateways with Shopify are limited.

3.      It does not support one-page checkout and multi-language features.


2.)  Magento:

Magento has emerged as one of the most popular open-source platforms and the reputation is well-deserved. It has a wide range of features that make it simple for adding multi functionalities into the e-store. A solid network support and accessibility of incalculable topics and expansions increase the value of this open-source stage. You can Hire Magento Developer for your online store.


1.      It comes free, though a paid version is available too.

2.      The user interface can be customized to match the needs of a business.

3.      The extension list is endless, so you will never struggle with functionalities.

4.      Magento empowers the production of independent multi-lingual destinations which stack up in view of client area.

5.      It supports automated marketing via delivery of product alerts to customers.


1.      Being a resource-intensive platform, Magento requires a hefty investment for optimization.

2.      It is a technical platform that needs businesses to hire skilled Magneto developers to create and manage e-commerce stores built on it.


3.)  WooCommerce: 

WooCommerce is a WordPress plugin which is widely used for creating good-looking and high-feature e-commerce stores. It can turn any WordPress site into a fully functional e-store, by empowering it with features such as product pages, coupons, and inventory management.



1.      WordPress plugin can be downloaded and installed free of cost.

2.      At the same time, it offers everything that an online store need. There is hardly anything that a merchant needs to do than to add content.

3.      WooCommerce connects to all major payment gateways.

4.      It enables the merchant to add multiple functionalities such as coupons and discounts with the help of the extension library.



1.      WooCommerce includes extra costs for the topic, space name, facilitating, and additional augmentations.

2.      The module is somewhat entangled to get it. It needs a blend of WordPress + the WooCommerce module + facilitating. These complexities can challenge the novices, especially with undertakings, for example, security, facilitating, SEO, and storing.



With such numerous alternatives in online business stages, it winds up basic for web-based business traders to investigate every one of them and measure their advantages and disadvantages. The decision is additionally to be made in view of business prerequisites

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