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Preparing Your Home for a Bathroom Remodel
When you are finally ready to build your dream bathroom, there is much more to prepare for than decor and ... ...

Preparing Your Home for a Bathroom Remodel

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Posted on: 05/21/20

When you are finally ready to build your dream bathroom, there is much more to prepare for than decor and a new shade of paint. A bathroom remodel is a multi-faceted project, and there are several aspects, such as plumbing and wiring, that go into the mix during the process before you achieve the final, beautiful project. So, of course, there are several factors to consider when you are preparing your home for a bathroom remodel.

Prepare your home for the flow of traffic. The bathroom contractor will need to park his vehicle, prepare a path, and make sure that he has room to travel from the door to the bathroom. He will have tools and equipment, so ask him and his team ahead of time whether the path is realistic throughout the process. Make sure they are removing their boots, and the path is padded with old towels or carpet to protect your home’s flooring.

When preparing for a bathroom remodel, remove furniture, decor, and all other items from the bathroom and the surrounding area. This does not only protect the items, but it also allows the remodeling professionals to get to work right away. In the bathtub and shower, remove all soaps, shampoos, washcloths, and make sure that nothing is sitting on the toilet or the back of the toilet. Nothing should be on the walls or the floor, and if you have any sink drawers, make sure they are empty. If you can go as far as removing tile, turning the water off, or removing the shower doors, it would make things easier for the technicians as well.

When you hire a plumber in Indy, you should be ready financially. Not only should you complete the financial resources, but make sure to save for emergencies. On average, a bathroom remodeling project costs around $9,000. However, because you may change your mind about decor or run into other problems or delays along the way, it is best to save an additional $5,000 at least. Of course, these numbers should be reflective of the estimate that you have gotten from your contractor.

As you prepare your home for a bathroom remodel, make arrangements for your family to be comfortable. Make sure that there is a bathroom for your family to use during one bathroom is being remodeled. Remain communicative with the contractors throughout, and remember that they are professionals.

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