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I had suddenly remembered an appointment

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Posted on: 03/13/18

Of course he was too old to play with me, but he had famous games by himself with corks and pieces of paper.  designated representative; Sooner or later he would drive these under one of the bookcases, and would sit down and mew p. 178plaintively until I went and raked them out for him.  Then he would get up and walk away as if such toys were beneath his dignity.  The one fault I found in his character was this constant emphasis of an inferiority that I was quite willing to confess.  A generous cat would have realised that I was trying to do my best, and would have pardoned my hundred errors of judgment.  Kim never wearied of putting me in my place, and turned a scornful tail to my heartfelt apologies.  When he was dozing in the evening on the hearthrug he was very angry if any one put coals on the fire, even though he had been warned beforehand of what was about to happen.  He would look at me with an air of noble reproach and stalk away to the window, where, perched on the back of a window-seat, he would stay for hours, patiently observant of the sounds and smells of the night.

But it was at mealtimes that he made me realise most the strength of his individuality.  I had imagined that all cats were fond of milk, but Kim quickly disillusioned me, and it was as the result of a series of experiments p Sage 300 support. 179that I discovered that he would only drink new milk raised to a certain temperature, and not then if he thought I was watching him.  For the first twenty-four hours after he arrived he would eat nothing, though I tried to tempt him with chicken, sardines, and fillet of sole.  Once or twice he gave a little plaintive mew, but for the most part he succeeded in giving me the impression of a brave heart enduring the pangs of a consuming hunger with noble fortitude.  At the end of that period, when he had reduced me to despair, he relieved himself and me by stealing a haddock.  After that the task of feeding him was comparatively easy.  I would prepare him a dinner and pretend to eat it myself with great enjoyment; then I would leave the room as if.  When I returned the plate would be empty—that is, as empty as a cat’s dignity will allow him to leave a plate, and a few delicate impressions of Kim’s paws on the tablecloth would tell me that all was well.  The irritating motive that underlay this graceless mannerism was clear to me.  He would not be p. 180beholden to me for so much as a sardine, and he was willing to steal all his meals so long as he could remain independent.  I think, too, that it amused him to undermine my moral character by making me deceitful.

Incidentally Master of Architecture hong kong, a cookery-book for cats is badly needed.  Unlike dogs, they are gourmets rather than gourmands, and their appetites seem to languish if they do not have a continual change of fare.  They have subtle palates; Kim liked gorgonzola cheese and curried rabbit, but he would not eat chicken in any form.  I found anchovy sauce very useful to make a meal savoury that Kim had not thought palatable enough to steal, and the wise host will hold this condiment in reserve for such occasions.  There is no relying on their likes or dislikes; they will eat something with avidity one day and reject it with infinite distaste the next.

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