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Because of you, my world is full and moist from now on
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Realm of life

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Posted on: 11/14/17

Speaking, there is a lonely, called indulge in self-admiration. I think this is lonely, winter spring, there have been more tolerance, but is full of hope. Speaking, the world's best writing, not inspiration, carefully wrote, but after careful consideration, and consider every single word or phrase WSET awards.

In winter, the Xuanwu Lake show full lotus pool, hundreds and thousands of them, each other, also became a pen painting. First talk about whether the dense atmosphere, lotus effect of emotion, only said the lotus beauty, if extreme, can also overcome the hot summer manhu Ting li. Beauty is tangled, on the specific can not explain, so at the moment wrote the lotus, and feel that there is a kind of indefinite Direct Subsidy School.

In my spare time, I can read and write, but I always feel that I can't follow my heart. I think I am the most stupid, yesterday really became yesterday, my brain will not remember something deeply, brush the same as the other. Although I read the book, I felt no improvement. So, I write the text, there is not too much cultural things, mostly summarized feelings, ease their hearts master of economics hong kong.

I was unwilling to be restrained, the hearts of the prairie, will not be reclusive. Life is a part of the time to give interest, first of all have interest. My interest is to explore, I want to understand some truth, want to go to some strange ways, so this exploration is fun, let me dream.

Master Hong Yi, left four words: death joys and sorrows. As far as I'm concerned, I don't want to be sad. But life is so complicated that people can't escape it. Sad and not let you sad sad moment, if too deep, refreshing their body, feeling into a hin of ridicule. Or when Ibrahim excessively, will build a no sadness. And don't worry about being sad and happy, keep a peaceful heart and face it safely.

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