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Common Equipment Used in The Baking Industry
Whether you enjoy sweets or you would rather have savory bagels with cream cheese, everyone enjoys walking past the bakery ... ...

Common Equipment Used in The Baking Industry

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Posted on: 02/10/20

Whether you enjoy sweets or you would rather have savory bagels with cream cheese, everyone enjoys walking past the bakery with warm smells during the cold months. For customers, it is as simple as walking in and ordering a hot coffee and a treat, but for bakers, they work hard daily with commercial-grade equipment to ensure their loyal customers get to eat baked goods every day. 

There are a few common types of equipment used in the baking industry, including a variety of ovens. An oven of any sort, of course, is an essential item in a baker’s arsenal. The type and use of the oven will depend on the size of your operation, and the size, type, and several items that you plan to bake. Convection items use forced air, and they cook items rapidly, allowing bakers to increase the volume of production. If you are baking cookies, a convection oven is ideal. For large-volume baking, you need rotating racks and revolving tray ovens. Also available are pizza ovens and deck ovens made for baking cakes.

Another essential piece of equipment for the baker’s kitchen includes a variety of mixers. When it comes to bakery mixers, the type you choose will depend on the type of baked goods you are preparing for, and the expected volume of the baked goods. For a baker working with cakes, cupcakes, and light batters, choose a planetary mixer with a stationary bowl. Spiral mixers are best for those who may need to engage in bread-making with a dough-hook. Bowls are available for purchase in a variety of volumes.

Because your baked goods will need to take their sweet time to cool and dry, don’t forget to invest in quality tables and racks. Every baker needs flat spaces for work and storage, whether for rolling, cutting, and kneading dough, or decorating dough. You’ll need plenty of space, as well, to make sure your cookies and cupcakes cool completely. For high-volume batches, multilevel racks are best. As well, a bakery will have plenty of specialized pans and tools as well as safe storage and refrigerations for essential ingredients. As mentioned, some of these will be basic tools, while others will depend on the baked goods that you make daily, such as bread, cookies, or cake.

Just as with any other industry, a bakery must have all the tools necessary to get the job done right. From multilevel racks and specialized pans to high-volume mixers and deck ovens, a baker needs plenty of tools to bring you those special treats you expect every morning on your way home from work - appreciate them.

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