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How To Avoid Potential Plumbing Disasters
Your home's plumbing is vital to comfort and modern living. Without an operational plumbing system, you wouldn't be able to ... ...

How To Avoid Potential Plumbing Disasters

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Posted on: 05/20/20

Your home's plumbing is vital to comfort and modern living. Without an operational plumbing system, you wouldn't be able to get clean water or eliminate wastewater. Plumbing supplies the clean water to your fixtures like the tub, toilet, and sinks, and the drain carries the wastewater to the sewer or septic system. 

Though plumbing can last years without issue, there are times where problems can arise. The most common issues being leaks and clogs. Residential plumbing issues happen from repetitive use. The more pipes are used, and the older they are, the more potential for effects. There are ways that you can minimize clogs and leaks.

Opt-in For Hydro Jetting

If your dracut plumber offers hydro jetting, you might want to consider it for the health of your home's plumbing. Hydro jetting cleans the inside of the pipes using high-pressure water streams. The process will clean the inside of the plumbing pipes freeing it from dirt, debris, and grease. Hydro jetting is affordable and can prevent clogs from forming.

Don't Use Harmful Chemicals Down The Drain.

Clogs can happen. If they do, you'll want to avoid using chemicals down the drain. Additives can destroy the lining of the plumbing pipes, which can cause corrosion and leaks. Most plumbers will agree that if you have a clog, it is best to call your local plumber and avoid harmful chemicals such as Drain-O.

Avoid Grease in the Drains

Grease can find its way down the drain from a few sources. From bacon fat to draining hamburger grease, many homeowners are used to throwing oil down the drain. However, you're doing a disservice to your home's plumbing when you put fat down the drain. What happens is the oil will coat the pipe. Then anything that goes down the drain will get trapped in the grease lining the canal further until wholly obstructed. 

One method that works well is keeping a container under the kitchen sink for collecting oil and grease. Once the box is full, simply throw it in the trash. This method of prevention can cut your damage to your home's plumbing in half. 

If you are looking for all-natural solutions for eliminating clogs, try using options like baking powder and apple cider vinegar. There are many recipes online for removing clogs. While you can try to use a plunger, this doesn't always work. If you find that your drain is no longer working the way it should contact your local plumber for assistance.

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