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Teach you how to wear a man wig
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Can a long hair wear a short wig?

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Posted on: 07/17/17
Can a long hair wear a short wig?
The face of the mirror to wear, put their own hair comb, hands holding a wig to the temples, worn on the head, should be a little nearer the front when the microscope has been put on, and then his hands on the head, the hair cover moves back to the appropriate location, the first fixed before the surface, then fixed behind. Depending on the width of your forehead, wear it in the right place.
If it is secured with a clip, just press both ends of the clip.
The width is longer, the court is longer. When wearing, the edge of the wig is slightly pulled down; the narrow amount is shorter than the upper court; when wearing, the edge of the human hair extension is slightly upward, but not too upward.
Cap used early, a little tight, good, because the use of a long time, the head will be looser than the original.
1. First divide your hair into 2 or more bunches (depending on your hair size and length)
2, separate the hair into a plait, and then use the clip to keep the hair in the back of your head
In 3, then take a (for his real hair nets do not run the. Short hair can be directly with Snood)
4, put on a wig and comb well, big beauty built finished.
A method of wearing a wig

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