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How often do you lose your hair?

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Posted on: 07/16/17
Endocrine disorders caused by mental stress
Life, work, learning process, excessive mental pressure, mental stress, often stay up late and other reasons, leading to our sleep time decreased, insomnia, anxiety, long-term mental disorder. This will lead to endocrine disorders, resulting in deterioration of the body environment, malnutrition, lack of hair follicles nutrition atrophy, eventually hair from the hair roots fall off.
How often do you lose your hair?
2, physical and chemical hair loss
Prolonged contact with radiation sources, prolonged playing computer games, mobile phones, watching TV and other causes of physical alopecia.
Use inferior shampoo, irritating hair dye, often hair dye, perm, styling, especially for hair injuries! Please note that!
There is a long time without shampoo, leading to hair follicles blocked pores, hair loss formation.ponytail hair wig
How often do you lose your hair?
3, physical illness
The body is damaged by viruses and high fever, which inhibits the normal division of hair cells and leads to hair loss in the shock state, such as acute infectious diseases and long-term use of certain drugs. As we all know, chemotherapy process, will be a lot of hair loss, or even bald head is piece hair extension
In addition, obesity, although not a physical disease in a strict sense, can also lead to hair cell competition, leading to malnutrition and alopecia.
How about losing your hair

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