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How do you do if you lose your hair badly?

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Posted on: 07/16/17
How much is it for losing hair? Give the simplest standard of hair loss. Most of the articles in the review show that, in general, as long as the hair loss is not more than 100 per day, are normal. If hair loss exceeds 100 per day and lasts more than two months, alopecia can be diagnosed basically. Hair loss for many reasons, including congenital, genetic, immune, chemical, seasonal and other reasons. In addition to genetic and pathological factors, hair loss is mainly caused by mental stress, irregular work and rest, unhealthy diet, etc..human hair extensions
1, disease treatment
Many diseases can cause people to lose hair or even lose hair. The cure of the original disease has naturally solved the problem of losing hair. Iron deficiency anemia, hypothyroidism, scalp diseases and fungal infections, lupus erythematosus are all diseases that cause hair loss.
2, less tossing one piece straight hair extension
Hair washing, dyeing, frequency, but also easy to damage the hair and roots. The heat and chemicals used in the process of hair dyeing, blowing, dyeing, and perming can cause hair to break off easily. Therefore, less hair, blowing hair, using hair dryer, low-grade, and less hair, can help reduce hair loss risk.
3, change lifestyle
If the hair off badly, but not to the extent of hair loss, in addition to the individual differences of uncontrollable factors, to improve to try to adjust under mental stress, irregular work and rest, unhealthy diet and lifestyle and so on. Still high pressure every day, do not eat well, sleep, and that what can not keep out the hair.
4, do not lose weight
The main component of hair is a protein called fish protein, which is composed of protein and trace elements of copper, iron, zinc and other components, and if excessive weight loss diet, inadequate intake of these nutrients will, the hair will appear malnutrition and fall off. So, don't overdo it.
How do you do if you lose your hair badly

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