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Teach you how to wear a man wig
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What shall I do if I lose my hair badly?

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Posted on: 07/16/17
Pay attention to your diet:
1, protein is the theme of hair material factors. Can eat more milk, eggs, lean meat, fish and other food;
2, vitamin can promote hair growth. Eat more like spinach, celery, apples, loquat and other foods;hair extension
3, food intake of zinc containing foods, such as animal liver, dried fruit foods, zinc, can improve hair tissue, enhance hair elasticity;
Hair producing method:
1, often use a lot of teeth comb, gently comb hair, massage the head, strengthen the head blood circulation.
2, try to reduce the number of shampoo (preferably 3 days to wash hair)ponytail hair wig
3, the fat hair of the people, eat less meat, eat more vegetables, fruits, tune for some time. Dry hair, sweat out of exercise
4, to ensure sleep, avoid excessive worry.
How to maintain a long wig

How do you wear a wig with short hair

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