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How to Dress Your Baby in Style
Babies are naturally the cutestcreature you will lay your eyes on. Babies grow up really fast and it is veryimportant ... ...

How to Dress Your Baby in Style

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Posted on: 06/19/18

Babies are naturally the cutest creature you will lay your eyes on. Babies grow up really fast and it is very important to cherish the little time they are of that age. You have to agree to this, dressing up your baby can actually be kind of fun.

However, new born kids clothes can be difficult to find. Since they grow up so fast, the sizing can get really tricky. Dressing a baby is not exactly the same as dressing an adult. You have to keep in mind these few points when you are trying to dress your baby:


Comfort Takes Priority

Always make sure the clothes that you put on your baby are comfortable, loose and made of a breathable material. Babies have very soft and sensitive skin and you need to make sure that the material is not tough or scratchy. That being said, baby clothes don’t always have to be pajamas and onesies. You can also dress them up in comfortable leggings and sweatshirts. There are many Newborn Baby Clothes available in the market that focus on style along with the comfort.


Don’t Shy Away from Patterns

Babies with their natural playful and innocent vibe look amazing in different types of patterns, be it polka dots or stripes. This adds some fun and funk to your baby’s wardrobe. With some added accessories like a DIY headband and a pair of wings, your baby will make the cutest bumblebee in her patterned onesie on Halloween.



Doing it yourself is all the rage now, from hair to necklaces. Why not make baby clothes as well? Before leaping on to the harder clothes and accessories, start with the simpler ones, like headbands. You can make amazing DIY headbands with flowers or butterflies crested on top that will make your baby look like the princess that she is.


Try Bigger Sizes

Babies grow up in the blink of an eye. So, it is always advisable to buy clothes a size bigger than that would fit. You can keep the clothes for a long time in that way without having to throw them out at every growth spurt, which let’s be honest, happens in every few weeks. With the bigger and baggier clothes in fashion right now, you can just fold the cuffs and the jeans hems and give your baby a trendy look.


Start Twinning with Your Baby

Most people think that babies need to dress like a baby. However, you can take a cue from your own wardrobe and give it a baby-like twist. You can take the color scheme of your own clothing and choose something for your baby that would fit her style and comfort level. It would look as if your own clothes had shrunk down a few sizes and the color coordination would give an illusion of twinning. 

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