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Top 25 PowerShell Interview Questions Prepared by Experts

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Posted on: 04/06/18

1)   Explain what is PowerShell?

Power shell is an extendable command shell and a scripting language for Windows.


2)   What are the key characteristics of PowerShell?

The key characteristics of PowerShell are

  • PowerShell is object-based and not text based
  • Commands in PowerShell are customizable
  • It is a command line interpreter and scripting environment


3)   In PowerShell what does variables holds?

In variables PowerShell contains strings, integers and objects.  It does not have special variables as it is pre-defined with PowerShell


4)   Explain what is the significance of brackets in PowerShell?

  • Parenthesis Brackets (): Curved parenthesis style brackets are used for compulsory arguments.
  • Braces Brackets {} : Curly brackets are employed in blocked statements
  • Square Brackets []: They define optional items, and they are not frequently used


5)   What does it mean cmdlet’s?

Cmdlet’s are simple build in commands written in .net language like C# or VB introduced by Windows PowerShell


6)    Explain what is PowerShell Loop?

Automating repetitive task with the help of PowerShell loop is known as PowerShell Loop.  Through PowerShell, you can execute  For each loop,  While loop  and Do While loop.


7)   Explain can you create PowerShell scripts for deploying components in SharePoint?

If you have created a web part using VS 2010 then, you can deploy it using cntrl+f5. However to activate the web part feature you can write a PowerShell script (.ps1) and execute it after deployment


8)   Explain about the PowerShell’s comparison operators?

Comparison Operators compares value in PowerShell.  Four types of comparison operators are used equality, match, containment and replace.  In PowerShell, one of the key comparison operators is –eq that is used instead of “=” sign for declaring variables.  Likewise, there are other operators like –ne for “not equal” , -gt ( greater than ) or –lt (less than).


9)    Explain what is PowerShell pipeline is used for?

PowerShell pipeline is used for joining two statements such that the output of one statement becomes the input of the second.


10)   Explain what is PowerShell get-command?

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