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Why Solar in high demand for Hospitals and Doctors?
Solar energy is growing multifold in India across all sectors including healthcare Industry, it is happening not because of a ... ...

Solar Battery for Home at Loom Solar

SolarBattery:-Solar batteries are C10 rating deep cycle battery designed for connecting withsolar charge controllers, inverters for giving power backup at night. It isdesigned to be charged from Solar panels in the day from sunlight. The maincomponent of battery is the lead inside it. Higher lead ensures better batteryperformance and quality. ... Read More ...
Posted on: 12/21/18

Sukam Solar Charge Controllers best Price at Loomsolar

Sukam Solar Charge ControllersSu-Kam is considered to be the market leader in manufacturing Made in India solar charge controllers, it is the only national company that makes mppt based and pwm based solar charge controllers from 12 Volt – 180 Volts. Sukam solar charge controllers are the only charge controllers in India ... Read More ...
Posted on: 12/14/18

Monocrystalline Solar Panel Products at LoomSolar

In today's world is changing rapidly. Similarly, the useof machines is also increasing. We need electricity to run the machines, buthow much power does the person have that he can run so many machines, as youall know the solar panel, we can create electricity for free but there are twotypes ... Read More ...
Posted on: 10/31/18

Solar Panel Mounting Structure Manufacturer In India

Mounting Structure is important component to installsolar system, Solar panels needs proper sunlight to Produce Electricity hencewe use mounting structure to manage / install a panel in such a way to get maximumsolar energy and provide Maximum energy to Home / office system.What is Solar PanelMounting Structure?Solarpanel mounting structure provides ... Read More ...
Posted on: 10/29/18

5 Advantages of Monocrystalline Solar Panel

Monocrystallinephotovoltaic electric solar energy panels each module is made from a singlesilicon crystal, and is more efficient, though more expensive, than the newerand cheaper polycrystalline and thin-film PV panel technologies. You cantypically recognize them by their color which is typically black or iridescentblue.      Benefitsof Monocrystalline Solar Panels1.Longevity :- Monocrystallinesolar ... Read More ...
Posted on: 10/22/18

Solar Panel Mounting Structure Price in India

HiI am Bhola form loomsolar and here we little chit chat about our india powersector Today India faces a major challenge in the Power sector. We are thefastest growing country and our energy needs burgeoning by the day, renewableenergy has assumed great significance. According to our country resource reportthe sunlight ... Read More ...
Posted on: 10/22/18

What is a Solar Charge Controller

Asolar charge controller manages the power going into the battery bank from thesolar array. It ensures that the deep cycle batteries are not overchargedduring the day, and that the power doesn’t run backwards to the solar panelsovernight and drain the batteries. Some charge controllers are available withadditional capabilities, like lighting ... Read More ...
Posted on: 10/16/18

Pros of Installing Solar Panels on Your Roof

Solar panel comes with more advantage than disadvantage.Solar panels produce eco-friendly, clean and free energy for a span of 25years, which is its greatest advantage. Solar technology has improved over theperiod of years and has resulted in innovations in solar panels. They havebecome flexible and are easily portable. Installing best solar ... Read More ...
Posted on: 10/15/18

Benefit of Sukam MPPT Solar Charge Controller

SuKamsolar charge controllers are powered by latest generation microprocessor andMPPT Technology. It makes your solar system generate maximum solar power 30%more than ordinary charge controllers. The micro-processor enabled six stagecharging ensures optimum charging of batteries which increases their life by 6months. Sukam controllers are available in both MPPT and PWM.Benefitof ... Read More ...
Posted on: 10/06/18

10 Must Have Features in Sukam Solar Inverter

SukamSolar Inverter / Home UPS is India’s best solar inverter which is perfect foryour home. Sukam Brainy Eco is India’s best hybrid solarinverter which functions both as a normal inverter as well as off-gridsolar system because it can charge batteries through grid and solar both.Features inSukam Solar Home InverterSukam solarinverteris ... Read More ...
Posted on: 09/25/18

7 Must Have Features in Sukam Solar Panels

Sukam Solar panels are manufactured using latesttechnology and best quality materials. These solar panels are especiallydesigned to bear extreme weather conditions anywhere in the world. They havebeen awarded and certified for being highly efficient, long-lasting andreliable – they are 100% made in India for India and the world. Get ready ... Read More ...
Posted on: 09/24/18

How to Buy Solar Panels for Home Online?

Electricalbills are getting even steeper as the years go by and it is certainly a realpain to lower those numbers in the searing days of summer. Because solar poweris a natural and free resource, most of the folks are vying for solar panels.This is the best way for you and ... Read More ...
Posted on: 09/20/18

How Much Do Solar Panels Cost, Benefits and Uses

Whileyou're paying your electricity organization many rupees consistently, there isan immense push to utilize the elective energy assets like the sun to makeclean energy. I realize that there is some prolonged stretch of time before wecan utilize the solar energy broadly yet it beyond any doubt will happen soonfor you ... Read More ...
Posted on: 09/10/18

What is a Solar Charge Controller - LoomSolar

As the name describes,the use of word solar then positively the naturally available sunlight is beingused in an electric products. A multi task electric appliance is today’s need,One such appliance is the ‘PWM Solar Charge Controller’ what will bemore efficient way to generate electricity naturally by capturing the sunlight.You must ... Read More ...
Posted on: 09/07/18

Why Loom Solar and It’s Wide Range Of Solar Inverters?

The use of solar charger inverter has been increasing day byday. A solar charger inverter is a common inverter that uses energy from thesun which is known as solar energy. Solar Charge Inverter ishighly beneficial in the world today, taking into consideration the rate ofelectricity cuts and the high rate ... Read More ...
Posted on: 08/29/18

Why Solar in high demand for Hospitals and Doctors?

Solar energy is growing multifold in India across all sectors including healthcare Industry, it is happening not because of a sharp reduction in pollution or it’s a clean energy. Because all the hospitals, nursing home, daycare and medical centre come under commercial property and many of its equipment like MRI Machines, CT Scanners, and other Labs ... Read More ...
Posted on: 06/23/18



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