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Posted on: 08/05/17

The lingerie manufacturer china Latest in Lingerie: Glow-in-the-Dark Underwear

Last week, underwear manufacturer china I was introduced to Cosabella's new line of glow-in-the-dark lingerie. This was thrilling news to me because not only do I love lingerie but also because I especially love anything that's just a little bit over the top. I think underwear that glows in the dark constitutes as over the top, don't you?

I was so excited wholesale bikinis to test drive my new technologically-advanced undies that the moment I got home, I stripped down, turned off all the lights, and stood in front of my mirror for the grand reveal.

Lights on, lights off. Wholesale Corset Lights back on. Light off again still nothing. I slipped out of my non-glowing lace, defeated. The next day, I e-mailed Cosabella to tell them that as beautiful as the set was, it didn't achieve its desired effect. The response: "Well, how long did you charge it?" Yikes! I hadn't charged it at all. Therein lies the secret: You have to charge these undies. Of course. I never read instructions and I knew it would eventually bite me in the ass (and in a thong, doubly hard!).

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