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Huawei P8 Reviews- Lite Android 16GB White 13.0MP 5.0" 2GB Factory

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Posted on: 10/20/15
There is a focus on Huawei P8 which is belong to Huawei brand. Huawei P8 is so beauty that many people want to buy it. However , there are some different thoughts about Huawei P8, we can see it.

 Feeling power loss is very quick. Another is play a long time will be easy fever.Good selection of work. The metal content is high, the joint dovetail slot, no helping to loosen of the situation, the key recovery is average, connection length. Overall satisfaction. From the perspective toward business, settings of the popular, although GPU does not adhere to our ancestors shake, but also enough activity field. Entertaining comprehensive functions, not only supports finger print identification, also made a special independent key voice. Support quick charge.the interface is simple and elegant, for the first time the Android program factor. huge present outcome charger, asking for very quick.fingerprint identification is delicate and precise.

Many people think Huawei P8 is worth to buy. And also, I will often update to my blog about Huawei P8, thank you follow to my blog!

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