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5.5-inch HD IPS screen with 1280*720 pixel display with Huawei G7 Reviews

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Posted on: 10/23/15
Huawei G7 is not have larger screen, and also have powerful performance. Such as larger screen and strong CPU. So , in this article I will mainly talk about Huawei G7,we can see it.

Overall, like the coming back of P8, with the side, especially the coming back of the LOGO's place, it looks very wonderful. Price although not as awesome as the price of wonder, but the workmanship, understanding, feeling of, are Rong Yaoqiang too much the (last week to help man cheated out a Rong and start feeling the), a low-key comfortable wind, also full metal body, the coming back some flat feeling, very outstanding.HUAWEI Increase G7 functions a 5.5-inch HD IPS display with 1280*720 pixel show,MSM8916 Quad Primary 1.2GHz processer, 2GB RAM, and 16GB storage space.High present outcome charger for asking for very quick. Finger marks identification is delicate and precise. Very convenient. Can also pay. Unit co-worker design glide to open up. My little 7 have revealed. Steel structure. Started comfortable. Ling Chi connection is also a bright spot. Perform huge activity to surf through the web page details electric darkness time of program operation are quite sleek.

Huawei G7 have improve much more of functions.Many people think Huawei G7 is worth to buy, Huawei G7 have more advantages. I hope those reviews could help you, thank you!

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