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Meizu MX5 Reviews with Octa Core 3GB RAM 32GB 4G LTE MSM8939 64Bit

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Posted on: 10/22/15
There is a new android samrtphone Meizu MX5 has caused a huge discuss. Meizu MX5 price also appeal to many people eyes. Now, I will give you some information about Meizu MX5 below.

I usually use time is in the air-conditioned room, is a continuous heat range of 25 levels. Cell cellphone when playing the experience is warm, no past MX4 hot issues. The overall program of the degree of flyme4.5 on the MX4 update is very large, it should be 64 bit processer and Android operating system 5.0.1 is a 64 bit program. One of the most favorite feature is the finger marks recognition. Flyme comparative to the greatest benefits of MIUI I think that is in terms of protection. For now cellular transaction, the protection of the cellular cellphone is really very important, flyme can finger marks protected programs, finger marks transaction, basically awesome to rush. And MX5 finger marks recognition rate is very great, safe, practical and protected. In contrast to co-workers 4 millet Xiaolong 801, heating control basically too excellent. Cost 16% of time when battery charger is used, the heat range is almost the same as the regular a chance to look at the web and the like heat range. It's about 7 moments into the 10% charge. Display 1080P is entirely affordable, 2K and 1080P are not noticeable to the nude eye.

I hope those Meizu MX5 reviews could help you. And I will update to my blog usually, Thank you read my blog!

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