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Why Refurbished Lasers Are The Best Buy
Laser therapy has become one of the most used services across the patient-care industry. Whether you are a doctor’s office, ... ...

Why Refurbished Lasers Are The Best Buy

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Posted on: 02/05/20

Laser therapy has become one of the most used services across the patient-care industry. Whether you are a doctor’s office, cosmetic spa, or even a veterinarian, there are laser machines that work to do your job just a little easier and offer great benefits to your patients. However, for most offices, the biggest concern is the cost of lasers.

When searching for lasers for sale, you might have been discouraged seeing the price ranges that can extend upwards of thousands of dollars, if not tens of thousands. Smaller offices, while they would love to offer this technology to their patients, simply can’t afford to do so, given that that initial investment is too expensive. So what is the solution?

You could put off offering a life-changing service for your patients, or you could look at other methods for obtaining the technology. Purchasing used isn’t a bad thing at all. While some might scoff at purchasing used lasers, this is how many small to medium practices obtain the technology needed to offer services, to grow their businesses, to be able to afford the newest technology. Think of purchasing refurbished as a stepping stone. It doesn’t have to be forever, just for right now. 

What purchasing refurbished does that new does not is that it has cost-saving potential of up to 80%. When you consider the cost of a new laser being tens of thousands and a refurbished unit being only a couple thousand, it’s easy to see why someone would want to get a slightly older model. If it still works, where’s the harm in using that over a brand new one? 

What most individuals like is that they can get a better brand or model when buying used versus new. If you purchased new, you might only be able to afford an off-brand or one that doesn’t have the best rating. Whereas if you are buying used, you can get a more reliable brand and model that outperforms the newer one, yet at a fraction of the cost. 

Adding new services to your practice is an excellent way to grow your business and give your patients something unexpected. In most cases, lasers reduce treatment time, have minimal discomfort, and have a faster healing time. All of these benefits are something your patients will enjoy and recommend to others. Laser therapies aren’t going anywhere anytime soon, and more innovative procedures and techniques will develop in the coming years.

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