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Taimur gives fashion goals

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Posted on: 04/09/18

It’s not only celebrities but now their children are also turning out to be trendsetters in their age group. The best example is none other than Taimur Ali Khan, son of actors Kareena Kapoor Khan and Saif Ali Khan. This munchkin’s looks are absolute goals if you are considering changing your kid’s wardrobe. From his clothes to shoes, all of them look very adorable.


Be it any pattern, Taimur looks great but what you can pick from his shirts and t-shirts for your kid is ‘colours’. The brighter shades are the best options for any child and most of the shirts and t-shirts Taimur has been spotted in very attractive in colour.

If you think solid white and checkered shirts are only meant for adults, then the chota nawab proves you wrong. He nails these two looks very well.


There are plenty of stylish options for kids, in fact more than adults. Explore them online or at stores. Taimur is mostly spotted wearing sneakers. White shoes look especially adorable on tiny feet. But, remember to try and match the shoes with the t-shirt or shirt.


Cargo pants are something Taimur is seen wearing a lot. Often, it is paired with either a checkered shirt, white solid shirt or red and yellow T-shirt, making for a funky combination. He also wears full, half and three-fourth length pants. If none of these combinations work for you, just go for the cargo pant for your kid, as it goes easily with any kind of shirt or T-shirt.Read more at:celebrity dresses | cheap formal dresses

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