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If you had thought you would be able to qualify for a student credit card just because you are a ... ...

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Posted on: 10/30/18

If you had thought you would be able to qualify for a student credit card just because you are a student, you certainly wouldn’t be the only one. In some cases, your only option is to wait until you’ve got a steady paycheck. Then you can start building your credit.

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Get a co-signer

If you get someone else to co-sign for you, that person’s income and credit history are used to determine eligibility. However, if you misuse the credit card, your co-signer’s credit history could suffer. Co-signing a credit card for someone else requires a lot of trust.

Become an authorised user

Authorised user status is different from getting a co-signer. As an authorised user, you will have a credit card with your name on it, but it will be tied to someone else’s credit card account. If that person uses his or her credit card wisely, it will reflect well on your credit history.

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Move off campus

If you live on campus, your housing costs won’t help you build credit. But if you rent an apartment or house, you can ask your landlord to report your rent payments to the credit bureaus. That is enough to give you a credit file, which is better than having no credit history at all.

Many landlords are leery of tenants who don’t have a credit history at all. Even if your parents can’t co-sign for a credit card, they may be willing to co-sign your lease. That may help you get approved for a rental.

If you can’t get approved for a credit card

Having a debit card tied to your bank account will give you the ability to pay with plastic. Debit cards don’t help you build credit, but they still free you up from having to carry cash everywhere.

But if you can begin to build credit while you are still in school, it is worth the effort. Having good credit will smooth your path once you are out of school. It can make it easier to get a job, rent an apartment, get insurance and utilities — all of which you are likely to need once your student days are behind you.

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