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yunnan tour Cochrane review

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Posted on: 07/23/18

Any culture has its historical origins, and the marble culture is no exception.
A painting studio is useless
Before the tang dynasty, there were very few documents about marble. Although there were many excellent poems inscribed on stone screens in ouyang xiu and su dongpo of the song dynasty, they were all guo shi of henan, not real stone.

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In the yuan dynasty, although there was a poem of "on the screen of phosphorous stone, divided in the shade tree", it really spread to the north of China and spread to overseas, but it was after the Ming dynasty.
Hall Ming late qing early yellow flower pear marble block screen, once a Chinese Ming dynasty furniture auction recordAccording to the notice on factory warehouse of the ministry of industry:

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In the twenty-sixth year of wanli's reign, the imperial prison made dry and clean official furnishings. Fifty-six phoenix stones were picked from yunnan and fifty of agkiang stones were picked from huguang. All designs and colors are subject to examination.
-- photocopy of Ming he shijin's collection "instructions to factory storehouse" and "xuanangtang series book sequel"
In the 12th year of chongzhen (1639), xu xiake inspected the marble producing area and wrote the diary of a yunnan tour Cochrane review:
Every block is strange, all beautifully colored landscape, dangerous peak broken gully, flying waterfall with clouds. Snow cliff reflect water, layer upon layer far and near, the pen is strange, clouds can live, the water is like sound, not particularly bright color.
And said:
The creation of the more and more strange, from then on Dan qing family, all for the common pen, and painting garden can be useless.

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Marble painting is the pen of god, the world is a vulgar pen, the world has natural marble map, henceforth need not draw.

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