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So how do you deal with static

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Posted on: 12/13/17
In the dry, cold winter, the sudden spread of static electricity and hair on the four sides of the fingers are a real headache. But static electricity is not just because the environment is dry, it's also a sign that we're not hydrated.
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Static electricity, as the name implies, is a static current. In the winter, we can often feel the presence of static electricity when we take off our sweaters. But also cannot underestimate static electricity, electrostatic stimulation can let skin itch, scratch the itch place can cause skin inflammation. So people with dry skin, diabetics and people with low water levels need to avoid static electricity. Frequent contact with static electricity can make people unhappy, causing headaches, insomnia and other problems. The hair that is intertwined with static electricity also exacerbates the problem of hair loss.
So how do you deal with static?
According to South Korea's chosun ilbo newspaper on November 17, the key to alleviating static electricity problems is to maintain proper environmental humidity. In a dry environment, the charge is not easily absorbed, and the free charge causes static electricity. You can place a humidifier in the room or dry your clothes in the room. You can also put in some POTS, aquariums, and small fountains to add humidity. Wash your hands often and apply hand cream to keep your skin moist Antimicrobial stewardship for pneumonia.
When you get down from the car, you can use a coin or key to get in touch with the car door and release the static electricity. Or grab the door with one hand before you get out of the car. Because the friction of our clothes and car seats causes static electricity, these methods can release the current slowly. In addition, the use of natural fibers such as pure cotton fabrics instead of chemical fiber seats can also reduce the generation of static electricity.
When clothes are worn out, it can also produce static electricity, especially the chemical fiber material clothing is the hotbed of static electricity. Wash your clothes best by using a laundry softener to rinse, or use static electricity to prevent spraying. It's best to fold the same clothes together, separating them from items of material. It is best to wear cotton and other natural fibers in a synthetic coat. If you wear a skirt or a pair of pants, the clothes will be attached to the body or rolled up, and you can put some moisturizing lotion on your legs and stockings as an emergency measure. Silk stockings, leggings are put in some vinegar during cleaning, which can increase their toughness.Hence, when one receives medical devices supply, the medical warehouse delivery conditions need to be checked, keeping these factors in mind.
Apply hair conditioner after washing your hair to prevent static electricity very well. Washing your hair in cold water can also help with static. Blow-drying hair is also prone to static electricity, so it's best to let your hair dry naturally. It is best not to dry your hair completely before dressing, and maintain a 1/3 humidity best. The comb of plastic and nylon is also easy to lead to static electricity, so it is best to choose wood, rubber material to make the comb of handle. If there is only a plastic comb, you can dip a little water before use or apply a bit of hair conditioner on your hair.

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