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Is A Tiny Home Right For You?
Are you ready to jump on the tiny house movement? There’s plenty of reasons someone would want to. Ditching the ... ...

Is A Tiny Home Right For You?

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Posted on: 02/23/20

Are you ready to jump on the tiny house movement? There’s plenty of reasons someone would want to. Ditching the astronomically high rental rates or the worry about everything breaking in a larger home, all to downsize to a space smaller than a one-bedroom apartment in most cases. While you might be attracted to the idea of downsizing your life in favor of a tiny home, how do you know if it will be the right choice for you?

Eliminating Extra Items From Your Life

Take a look at your wardrobes. Do you have tons of clothing and stuff that you’ve accumulated over the years? For those in their 30’s, they may find quite a bit of item collected. If you are a person that doesn’t hold on to much stuff, you might just be dealing with an extensive collection of clothing or possibly shoes. 

Before moving into a tiny home, you’ll need to downsize your collection of clothing more than likely. Schedule a pick up donation for any clothing that doesn’t make the grade but is still usable. This will be the easiest method of getting free from extra stuff in your life that won’t fit in the home.

Half Size Options

Do you like a large kitchen or love a large bathroom? You’ll need to be realistic with yourself. Most tiny homes have these rooms in a pint-sized version of themselves. This could include a smaller dishwasher or a shower that is half the size you are used to. While it may take some getting used to, there are things some people can’t budge on. If you are building your tiny home, keep that in mind for the layout so that you can get the things you absolutely must-have.

Do you Have Land?

With a tiny home, you’ll need someplace to put it. You can’t just tote your house behind a truck forever. You’ll need a more permanent spot to call home. Land can run anywhere from $3,000 per acre in certain regions to well over 10k. Consider what you are going to do with your tiny home once it’s been built or after purchase. If you buy from a manufacturer, they may include delivery and setup, which can save you a few bucks if you already have the land.

Set A Budget

If you have to finance your tiny home, think of ways that you can get it paid off faster, whether that means to make double payments or add a little extra each month. The sooner you have your home paid for, the more freedoms you will have each month.

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