How to fix fan noise in Dell computers

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Posted on: 05/28/18

Unlike laptops, computer fans are quite different in terms of size and location they are placed. Computer fans are often noisy but important because they prevent the internal parts of the device keeping them cool. Excess heat can cause the fans to run faster and continuously which in result can damage the internal components or sometimes, failure. Under normal conditions, it is quite fine for the fan to work but the problem occurs when they start making more noise than usual. But this issue can be fixed by taking the help from Dell customer care number 1-800-234-6190, where you will be guided by the certified technicians to troubleshoot the issue or you can also try to rectify it yourself.

Causes of loud/unusual noise in Dell computer fans

There can be many causes due to which your fan might be making the noise. Some of the reasons are mentioned below:

ü There might be some obstruction in the fans

ü Dust accumulation

ü Improper ventilation

ü Physically visible damage

ü Out of date BIOS and device drivers

Solution: Fixing fan noise

With the help of under mentioned step by step guide, you can effortlessly try to minimize the fan noise.

Step 1: Check and clear air vents – blocked air vents can cause serious performance issues by obstructing the air flow, this can cause the internal and external damage. Try to rectify it.

Step 2: Provide proper ventilation – needless to say, you should keep your computer in such area where there is a way for proper ventilation. By doing so, this will increase the lifespan and performance of your device.

Step 3: Run a hardware diagnostic – this can help you identify any hardware related problem that might be causing the fan noise

Step 4: Update the BIOS and device drivers – it should be done as a part of the scheduled update cycle. This will enhance your system functioning

With the above guide you can do the troubleshooting, but in case you realize that your way is not working, then do get in touch with Dell customer support number for further assistance from the technicians, who will resolve the issue in no time.



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