How to fix Dell computer startup issue?

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Posted on: 05/22/18

Imagine a situation where you have to access your computer urgently and when you try to turn it on, it does not get turned on and freezes. You wait for some time but see no progress and you just feel like getting stuck. Don’t worry, this is not only you, who go to such a point, there are other avid users to experiencing such problems. Dell is known very well known for its market share in the manufacturing of laptops, computers, and printers. But with many of advantages in terms of price, features, the technology used, shapes and compact space, Dell computers users have faced some issues too. But there are always troubleshooting options and the Dell customer service number 1-800-234-6190 available online 24 hours of the day for the assistance of the complainants.

Possible causes of the computer not starting up

There can be various causes related to your device not starting up. Some are mentioned below:

·        Due to new hardware installation – as it may be possible that the hardware you have installed a few days back have been causing the issue

·        Virus – often your computer misbehaves while starting when there is any kind of virus present. If you don't have antivirus software installed, select safe mode.

·        Keyboard – which can be indicated by not being able to get into safe mode. Inspect the keyboard cables to make sure everything is fine.

The solution for starting up your Dell computer

Way 1: By performing a hard reset

·        Power off your PC

·        Disconnect the AC adapter or power cord and remove the battery

·        Remove all external devices

·        Press and hold the power button to drain residual power

·        Connect AC adapter or power cord and attach the batteries


Way 2: By getting the help of customer care

There is another way of getting out of the problem by reaching out directly to the Dell tech support number, where the technicians will help you in performing the required settings and running hardware diagnostics.

You will be satisfied after taking their help, as they provide a permanent solution to your queries round the clock.


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