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How Attorneys Can Help While Filing Patent in South Africa

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Posted on: 07/13/22
Patent applications and documentation aren’t something that everyone can manage alone. Patent law firm specialise in providing guidance on matters like acquisitions, enforcement, commercialisation, and other factors related to filing patents. If you are filing a patent in South Africa, you can go for any of the two methods of patent filing. You can choose a provisional patent application, or you can choose a complete patent application. Both of these methods have advantages, some of which are listed below.

Provisional Patent Application

The provisional patent application is good if you want to prevent the invention for one year. It can be filed independently, so you won’t need the services of a patent attorney to file this application.

• Provisional patent applications can be filed at an early stage of the development of an invention. It is because it doesn’t need a detailed description like a complete patent application.

• The provisional patent application also gives time to the inventor because of its leniency requirements. If the patent is under investigation for novelty or commercial prospects, the applicant has some time to work on their invention.

• It’s important to note that a provisional patent application doesn’t guarantee complete protection. It must be renewed into a complete patent before its period expires.

Complete Patent Application

To prevent an invention from intellectual property theft, it’s always advised to consult a patent attorney to get the best results. Depending on the stage of your invention, a patent attorney may or may not advise you to go for a complete patent application.

• A complete patent application doesn’t need to depend on a provisional patent application. It means that it can be filled in the first instance and has the same effects as the provisional patent application.

• The complete patent application is permanent and is preferred by people who like to maintain the secrecy of their invention.

• To successfully avail of a patent grant, you might need expert advice. You can look for the best lawyers in South Africa online. Patent lawyers specialise in this field and are competent in resolving all issues related to the patent grant, needed resources, and related regulations.

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