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Easy Turf’s Synthetic Turf and Children
We get many questions regarding whether our turf is harmful to children, we all want to ensure our children are ... ...

Easy Turf’s Synthetic Turf and Children

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Posted on: 10/03/18
We get many questions regarding whether our turf is harmful to children, we all want to ensure our children are protected from potential hazards, synthetic grass can definitely help with this in many ways. Artificial turf is:

Allergen free – Lots of kids are allergic to grass pollen, some symptoms include runny nose, itchy eyes, and skin rash.  As synthetic turf is not real grass, it cannot trigger symptoms. Our turf is made from non-allergenic and non-toxic materials all tested to strict Australian standards.

Safe to play on – with a well-prepared base your grass wont develop holes that can easily cause tripping hazards. Our synthetic grass has drainage holes located throughout and is designed to drain water like real grass, therefore there will be no muddy patches where children can slip and fall. After a heavy downpour the turf dries very fast creating a safe environment to play on, in all-weather conditions.

Reducing mess and keeping the children and your home clean – Children love to create mess when playing outdoors, as our artificial turf stays well drained it doesn’t create the mess that a heacy downpour would create, no mess means you can reduce the amount of dirt, grass and pollen coming inside, keeping you home clean and safe.

Durable- Accidents are going to happen whether kids play on natural grass or synthetic grass, however, non-toxic sand infill material is laid on the turf which can that improve fall safety. Artificial grass is a durable surface, the turf works to keep the knee scrapes, cuts and bruises to a minimum.

Easy Turf can supply and install artificial turf for children play areas including play grounds, parks, childcare centres and residential backyards, check out our gallery which shows inspiring ideas.

If you are looking for turf suppliers and installer, simply give Easy Turf a call on 1800 EASY TURF or request a quote online.

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