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Singapore is the hottest place in the country, therefore we should install the aircon in our places like home and office, etc., Everyone prefers aircon to get blowing cool air right? but If your aircon did not fulfill your expectation, then what you feel like that very bad and very upset right ?. So that we are here to help you with that and if your aircon is not cold, don’t worry we are here to give the best solution for you aircon. Why Aircon is a must in Singapore? First, why do we prefer Aircon? To reduce high temperature in ambient place right ? and moreover, Singapore is a high tropical place so that it might affect our health. So we prefer aircon to reduce the heat and additionally when we sense the chill air that we lose our tension, then we could feel very pleasant. Why My aircon is Not Cold? The main thing after installing the aircon, we should maintain our aircon by aircon service. When you avoid following the aircon service properly, definitely your aircon doesn't give cold air and additionally, It might possible to increase the aircon problem. Reason for why your aircon is not cold? - Air Filter dirty Your aircon performance can be stored more dirt into the filter so that your aircon reduces its cooling efficiency. Solution: The first step, you should do aircon general service to clean the air filter, to prevent arise from a big problem by aircon general service. If you did not do regular aircon service you should do chemical wash service to avoid the low cooling issue. Note: you can get the aircon service properly by professional aircon service assistance. - Thermistor is incorrect The aircon low cooling issue might be given if the thermistor is incorrect. One of the main processes is to have a thermistor in the aircon unit. So that you should properly install the thermistor or if you avoid aircon service chance to may Fault thermistor. It causes affect your aircon, then you will lose money to replace the thermistor. Solution: Thermistor should be properly inserted Note: you can get the aircon service or replace the aircon parts (Aircon Repair) properly with professional aircon service assistance. - Condenser is dirt The condenser is the backbone of the indoor unit. So that we must maintain the condenser to avoid more aircon troubles and save our cost. If you avoid condenser cleaning definitely you might face the problem of low cooling, water leak, gas leak, etc., Solution: You can do Compressor Chemical wash to avoid such kind of issue. Note: you can get the aircon service (Aircon Chemical Wash ) properly with professional aircon service assistance. - Fan motor is Fault If your Fan motor may be broken or Faulty your aircon is given a low cooling issue. For this kind of issue, you can get advice from professional aircon service experts or replace your fan motor. Note: you can get the aircon service (Aircon Repair ) properly with professional aircon service assistance. - Low Refrigerant If your refrigerant is reduced, your aircon faces may a low cooling issue, so that time you can contact professional aircon service experts, then check the gas level and then add to top up the gas. Solution: You can check the Gas level and top up the Gas of your aircon like R32, R410, and R22. Note: you can get the aircon service (Aircon Gas TopUp ) properly with professional aircon service assistance. Hope you know After reading this article why the aircon is not cold and Why it's happening. Aircon service is a must to increase the aircon lifespan and avoid more aircon issues as well as repair costs. Cool Care aircon service provides the best solution to all aircon problems. If you want to do aircon service? or your aircon is not cold? or your aircon face some other problem ?. you can hire Cool Care and will get quick solutions for your aircon troubles and save your cost too by hire cool care.
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